Whether it's finding a work-life balance or eating a more balanced diet, we're always striving to live a little more mindfully.Pexels

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Balance is a key part of life. Whether it’s finding a work-life balance or eating a more balanced diet, we’re always striving to live a little more mindfully. Here are three simple tips and tricks to make living more balanced and a little easier.

Create Morning and Evening Routines

Morning and evening routines can help you stay centered throughout the day. Whether you prefer to start your day with a morning yoga routine or focus on a hearty breakfast, establishing a routine helps you ground yourself and set yourself up for success for the day ahead can go a long way.Routines aren’t just important for the beginning of your day, they help you wrap up your day, too.

As you wind down for the evening, it can be relaxing to have a night time routine to make it easier to slip into a restful night’s sleep. This can include some light exercise, a mindful meditation practice, or setting your phone aside for 30 minutes before bed.

Get Moving

Moving your body is a great way to create a feeling of balance. While an extensive sweat session may feel great, the good news is that you don’t need to dedicate an hour at the gym or in an online class every day.

Frequent movement throughout the day can help your body feel better and keep your mind focused on the present.

So take a short walk, stand up from your desk and do some quick stretches, or set a goal to do 10 squats or 10 push-ups before you check your phone again. These simple movements can make a big difference!

Practice Mindful Eating

Another way to reduce stress and feel more balanced is through mindful eating. Unfortunately, many of us often eat alongside our distractions – driving, watching TV, or working – and that can take our attention away from the meal, resulting in overeating.

Instead, try eating without the distractions, focusing on and enjoying each bite. Sometimes we crave food, but the feeling of hunger is related to stress or other outside forces.

Try drinking a glass of water instead. If you do need a nutritious snack to get you through, a handful of California walnuts are a satisfying way to curb your hunger in those snacky moments.

While raw walnuts make for an easy mid-day snack, you can also star them as a hero ingredient in filling snacks like granola bites or even sweets.

These simple tips for living a more balanced lifestyle can help you face the challenges of daily life with focus, calm, and clarity.

Discover which approach works for you, and stick to it for at least a month in order to build useful habits. Once mindfulness becomes second nature, you might find yourself reaching closer to your goals.