PV Online Report : Summer vegetables have arrived in the market. Bitter gourd, bitter gourd, lathi, barbati, chichinga and jhinga are being sold at high prices.

The value of winter vegetables has decreased. However, these vegetables are being sold at low prices.

You can visit different markets of the city, almost all kinds of vegetables are being sold at high prices.

In Kazir Deuri market, gourds and bitter gourds are sold at Tk 110, Lati Tk 70, Barbati Tk 100, Chichinga Tk 70, Shrimp Tk 120, Cucumber Tk 50, Carrot and Cabbage Tk 30, Radish Tk 60, Chilli Tk 30, Tomato and Potato Tk 20. being sold Cauliflower, brinjal and beans are being sold at 50 to 60 taka.

Rui 280, Katla 300, Tilapia 220, Laitya 220, Pangas 200, Pabda 550, Poa 400, Shoal 800, Shrimp 1000-800 and Horn fish are selling at Tk 600-700 per kg in the market.

In the meat market, broiler chicken is selling at Tk 260, golden chicken at Tk 380 per kg. Besides, beef with bone is being sold at 750 taka and beef without bone at 850 taka. Beef is being sold at Tk 1100 per kg. Vendors said the presence of buyers in the meat market was less than other times.
Edited By-SPT