PV Online Report : Every year when the month of Ramadan comes, the residents of the port city face unbearable traffic jams. And the traffic police have to struggle to control this situation.

However, traffic congestion will be less this year compared to last year, according to senior officials of the traffic police.
They say that a meeting has been held with all concerned in advance so that there is no traffic jam during Ramadan.

Besides, a special plan has been taken to decongest the city during Ramzan. Traffic officials at all levels have been instructed to remain on the ground. Additional traffic police members will work to control the traffic jam. Along with this, the cooperation of the owners of the market stalls has been sought.
According to CMP Traffic South Division sources, an exchange meeting has been held with traders, transport owners and labor representatives for the purpose of proper vehicle management in Teribazar, Riazuddin Bazar, Tamakumondi Lane and market-centered in the coming Ramadan. Despite this, the development work of CDA, CCC and Chittagong WASA has become a cause of concern. Meanwhile, public and private offices will be closed before Iftar in Ramadan. For this reason, all concerned institutions have been called upon to come forward.

At present, 40 traffic inspectors and 200 sergeants work under CMP’s traffic North, South, Port and West divisions. Where traffic levels are high, additional manpower will be sent to less congested areas.
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