PV Online Report : The mammography machine of Radiology Department of Chittagong Medical College (CMC) Hospital has been rendered useless for almost a year due to mechanical problems. This state-of-the-art device is used to diagnose various diseases including tumor-cancer in women’s breasts.

The machine has also been out of service for nearly a year since the beginning of last year (2022) due to being unusable. The machine was put into operation in June 2021 after seven long months of inactivity. But within a few months, the machine stopped working again. The machine has been out of service since then. Confirming the information that the mammography machine service is closed, the head of the radiology department of the hospital Dr. Subhash Majumder said, the machine stopped suddenly. This may be due to the mechanical glitch.

The machine has been out of service since early 2022 due to being unusable. A review of data from the Department of Radiology shows that the mammogram machine has been inoperable for almost a year now due to mechanical problems. Earlier, the film was idle for 15 consecutive months due to film crisis and mechanical failure. Even before this, the machine had become useless from time to time due to various complications including mechanical problems.
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