Arika Maisha

PV Entertainment Desk : Bangla drama “Bristhir Rong” is written by Arika Maisha, a girl from Chittagong. The drama is directed by Khandkar Ismail, a popular presenter of Bangladesh.
The filming of the play was completed in the capital Dhaka.
Khandkar Ismail, Nairoz Sifat, Mom Ali, Mizanur Rahman, Nurunnabi Russell acted in the drama and Anwar Hossain Bulu was the director.
In January 2009, Arika Maisha published a book of 10 short stories titled “Achena Sneh”.

AMK Chowdhury, the abbreviated form of Arika Maisha’s full name, was used as the author of the book because her full name was Arika Maisha Khan Chowdhury.

He made the short story “Bristhir Rong” play by editing the short story which was in that story book called “Ekta Lasher Golpo”.
Two poems written by Arika Maisha “Swapnarang” and “Bristhir Maya” are added in two scenes of the play. Khandkar Ismail, the director and actor of the drama “Bristhir Rong” has given his voice in the poem.
The drama tries to express the emotions associated with the bereft corpse through some mysterious scenes, fictional events and characters.
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