PV Online Report: New closed circuit cameras ( CCTV ) are going to be installed in the city to control crime . The police have taken the initiative to install these ‘intelligent cameras’ by next June.

They will be monitored centrally. These cameras are being installed in all metropolitan cities of the country under the initiative of Police Telecom and Information Management System.

Ever since 2014 when the new police commissioner took over , everyone felt the need for CCTV and promised to install CCTV and some work was done. The city residents want this plan to be sustainable.

In 2014, gold trader Mridul Chowdhury was abducted from the city’s Kotwali police station area. At that time, the abductors took Mridul along which road, due to the lack of CCTV footage, the police could not find out that information. As part of this, for the first time that year, the police installed closed circuit ( CC ) cameras in important areas of the city. The initiative of CMP to check the crime scene and trace the movement of criminals with the aim of visualizing all the internal roads including roads at one place was appreciated in all quarters.

The then CMP Commissioner Shafiqul Islam said while inaugurating the CCTV project , the crime trend will decrease due to the cameras. The entire security will come under the hands of the CMP.

Among these cameras are PTZ cameras for storing vehicle numbers ,A total of three types of cameras are being installed including face detector camera and 1200 TBL. Step by step, 139 CC cameras were installed in the city. But the project was not fully implemented.
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