PV Online Report : Syed A Rizwana Hasan, chief executive of Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association – BELA , urged the civil society to play the role of watchdog in protecting the river .

She slso thinks that this will create positive pressure on the administration. Said , some of the administration ridiculed our movement as romantic sadness. But we have to move towards our goal. If truth and justice prevail, we will win. It should be remembered. At this time, he also commented that there is a need to increase researches and monitoring in the community label to protect the river.

Bela’s chief executive said these things in a workshop on Chittagong Divisional Rivers. Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association ( BELA ) organized this workshop at a restaurant in the city recently.

In addition to the Karnaphuli River, the lifeblood of the country’s economy, video footage was released about the potential for serious encroachment – pollution and problems – of the main rivers of Chittagong Division including Halda River , Feni River , Bankkhali of Cox ‘s Bazar , Matamuhuri.

Syeda Rizwana Hasan said , the river is a living entity. The river must be saved. He who destroys the river is undermining the national interest. If we had not spoken to save the river , Buriganga would have become a residential area long ago. Bankkhali would also have ended another 10 years ago. So be vocal.

Edited By: SPT