PV Online Report : Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Limited (CUFL), one of the country’s largest urea fertilizer manufacturing plants, is being commissioned in mid-February, nearly three months after the devastating fire. However, doubts have been expressed whether the factory will be able to go into production during the gas shortage in Chittagong, even though the factory has been repaired after the fire damage. The factory has already suffered a production loss of at least 400 crore taka.

The amount of damage caused by the fire is about 200 crore taka. It has also been reported that the factory is trying to start production after various problems. According to sources, a fire occurred on November 22 in the primary reformer waste boiler of the ammonia plant of the state-owned company CUFL factory in Lippermar. In the fire, various equipment including the innermost part of the boiler was completely destroyed. State-owned company Betak has been conducting repair work at the factory for a long time under the supervision of its own engineers.

CUFL Managing Director Mohammad Mizanur Rahman said yesterday that the repair work is going on as per the schedule. We are progressing very nicely. Our engineers are working tirelessly day and night. We hope to have the factory fully operational by mid-February. He said, the factory is quite old. So there are several problems. We are trying to start the factory of statehood by handling all sides.”
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