PV Online Report : Today is Chittagong Genocide Day on January 24. 35 years ago during the Ershad regime, on this day in 1988, the police indiscriminately fired and killed 24 people with the nefarious motive of vandalizing Awami League President Sheikh Hasina’s public meeting at the historic Laldighi Maidan. Since then this day has been marked as Chittagong Genocide Day as a tainted day in history.
Debashish Palit, the then general secretary of Raujan Upazila Chhatra League and joint secretary of North District Awami League, said that Chittagong Awami League called a public meeting at Laldighi Maidan on January 24, 1988 at 3 pm as part of the movement to overthrow the dictatorial government. Before 3 pm, the public meeting ground was full and people were crowded from Andarkilla to Kotwali junction. Bangladesh Awami League president and chief guest of the public meeting Sheikh Hasina reached the front of the Bangladesh Bank building on her way to the public meeting, when the police started firing rainingly at her convoy with the intention of killing her. At that time, 24 activists surrounding Sheikh Hasina were killed by police firing. Hundreds more were injured.
He said the convicts (who are alive) convicted of such a massacre should be executed expeditiously. The deceased in that incident are, Md. Hasan Murad, Mohiuddin Shamim, Swapan Kumar Biswas, Ethelbert Gomez Kishore, Swapan Chowdhury, Ajit Sarkar, Ramesh Vaidya, Badrul Alam, DK Chowdhury, Sajjad Hossain, Abdul Mannan, Sabuj Hossain, Kamal Hossain, BK Dash, Pankaj Vaidya, Bahar Uddin, Chand Mia, Samar Dutta, Hashem Mia, Md. Kasem, Palash Dutt, Abdul Quddus, Gobind Das and Shahadat.
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