PV Online Report : Chittagong Medical College (CMC) Hospital Kidney Ward with 10 new dialysis machines started. After the installation work, the patients are getting service from these machines from  Sunday. With this, dialysis services were started in 17 machines under the supervision of kidney ward.
Earlier four machines were functioning in the ward. Later, the service was started for general patients in 3 machines installed in the corona unit. Hospital authorities said that at least a hundred patients will get dialysis services as a total of 17 machines, including ten new ones, have been launched.
Confirming the service launch of the new ten machines, Director of CMC Hospital Brigadier General Shamim Ahsan told the media that patients can get dialysis at a low cost in these machines installed in the ward. For 6 months of dialysis, the official fee is fixed at 20 thousand taka. As per session a patient will spend Tk.417.
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