PV Online Report : An international standard adventure complex is being built on 188 acres of Karoldenga hills of Boalkhali upazila. Rover Scouts Training Center will be constructed.
In 2016, the Prime Minister gave permission for Bangladesh Scouts Rover to use this hilly area, passing Medhas Munir’s Ashram on Karoldenga Sannyasi Hill. An 8 member committee has been constituted for the action plan and master plan of the international standard adventure complex. Bangladesh Scouts Rover regional editor Professor Enamul Haque Khan said, “Karaldenga Hill has 188 acres of small hills, some trails, and some flat land.
This adventure complex is going to be a safe place for hiking and camping for teenagers and young people who are interested in adventure in the natural environment. Hope to create a great safe place for not only youth but also women who are interested in camping, trekking, hiking. The work of the complex is at an early stage. He said, ‘In 2016, the Prime Minister gave permission to use the place.
The place has been afforested. Although there was a plan to build an adventure complex of international standard, it was stopped due to the corona period. It is known that the first meeting of the committee formed for the action plan and master plan of the complex was held on November 29 last year. According to the decision of the meeting, the members of the committee visited the place on January 9 this year.
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