PV  Online Report : To escape from the busyness of urban life, many people are eager to spend time in the proximity of nature. Keeping in mind the time and needs of those travelers, this Lusai Park is an aesthetic beauty entertainment spot built in a pleasant environment with close touch of nature. This entertainment center has been developed by private initiative. This picnic spot named Lusai Park located next to Parki beach in Anwara upazila is now known throughout the country.

In the evening, the various structures of the park are illuminated with colorful lights. The entire park is rich in vegetation. There are various types of trees including apple, orange, malta, almond, amlaki, mango, yam, jackfruit, coconut, litchi, elder, guava, jamrul and betel nut trees. There is an aesthetic resort in the park. Every day from morning to evening, there is a traffic of visitors in this park.

Also, you can see horses, riding boats, reclining chairs with big umbrellas for sitting on the parky beach nearby, fun game ring throw if you want to test your hand marks. Director of Lusai Park and local UP Chairman MA Qayyum Shah said that there is no recreational center in Anwara in a beautiful and natural environment.

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