PV Online Report : The Chittagong District Brick Manufacturers Owners Association has formed a human chain demanding relaxation of the Brick Making and Kiln Installation Control Act till 2025.

The human chain was held in front of Chittagong Press Club on Sunday.

Leaders of District Brick Manufacturers Association spoke at this time. The speakers said that in order to prevent air pollution, in 2002, in accordance with the rules of the Department of Environment, the owners of the mill installed an environmentally friendly 120 feet height permanent chimney.

But in 2010, the Department of Environment issued another public notification. It ordered the conversion of zigzag technology to brick kilns instead of the then 120 feet high chimneys. The department has fixed the implementation time within two years. To implement this directive, each furnace has to spend more than two crore rupees. At present, about 98 percent of brick kilns across the country have been converted to zigzag technology.

They also said that they are demanding to relax the existing laws for zigzag technology kilns and give them the opportunity to operate the brick kilns with licenses and permits till the year 2030. Moreover, considering the issue of global recession, they also requested the government to relax the Brick Making and Kiln Installation (Regulation) Act and allow brick kilns to operate till 2025.

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