PV Online Report : Golden Aman rice all over the field. Farmers are now busy harvesting paddy. A group of Tia birds arrived at this time. Rangunia’s Gumai Beel has been buzzing with the arrival of birds.
They are also invited guests at Navanna festival. Many migratory birds fly from distant countries in the hope of food during the winter months. In countries where winters are severe, it becomes difficult for birds to survive; There is no food. There is no nesting place.
Some birds fly thousands of miles. A flock of birds came down to eat the ripe rice in Gumai Bill. Besides, groups of migratory birds have also come to Nalua Bill, Jutmil Bill, Padua Bill, Hochnabad Bill of North Rangunia, Bill of South Rangunia. People of different ages are rushing to see them. However, local farmers say that this grouping of birds creates a disturbing situation while harvesting paddy. About 15-20 thousand tea birds in a flock start eating paddy.
Edited By-SPT