PV Online Report : ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury MP, President of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railway Ministry, cut the paddy of poor farmers during the rice harvesting festival in Rauzan. At Chitiapara of Rauzan municipality, he appeared as the chief guest in the paddy cutting program organized jointly by Rauzan Upazila and Municipal Krishak League, along with hundreds of workers of Krishak League and cut paddy with sickles.
In the meeting organized on this occasion, he said, if the farmer lives, the country will live. Sheikh Hasina’s government is providing various benefits to the farmers including fertilizer subsidy, soft agricultural loans. Along with the government, we have also given free quality seeds to the farmers. By ensuring the use of technology, all the cultivable lands of Rauzan should be brought under cultivation.
Edited By-SPT