PV Online Report : The Ministry of Local Government has released the second installment of the money allocated for the current financial year for the municipalities of the country for mosquito eradication and cleaning activities, fighting Corona and development assistance.
15 municipalities of Chittagong have received Tk 2 crore 81 lakh 95 thousand out of the discounted amount. According to sources from the Ministry of Local Government, the municipalities of Chittagong have been divided into three categories in terms of allocation of money.
Among them, 8 municipalities belong to ‘A’, 5 municipalities ‘B’ and two municipalities belong to ‘C’ category. Class ‘A’ Municipalities are – Patia, Bariyarhat, Sitakundu, Satkania, Banshkhali, Chandanish, Hathajari, Raujan. Class ‘B’ municipalities are – Mirsarai, Rangunia, Sandwip, Fatikchari, Boalkhali. The two ‘C’ class municipalities are Nazirhat and Dohazari.
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