PV Online Report ;Work has started at nthe Patenga Container Terminal (PCT) by handling imported cargo vessels for 
food security but has not picked up as expected. Less than half of Chittagong port or grain silos are working in this 
container terminal of the port. Mentioning that heavy cranes are disrupting the unloading of goods, the stakeholders 
say that relatively heavy cranes have to gain speed to move them. There are also allegations of 'negligence' on the part 
of the crane operators.
According to the sources, the government is importing 530 thousand tons of rice for the country's food security.
 Among them, 200,000 tons of rice from Myanmar, 100,000 tons of parboiled rice from India, 200,000 tons of parboiled 
rice from Thailand and 30 thousand tons of parboiled rice from Vietnam are being imported. Some parts of these rice
 have already reached the country. The remaining rice is in the pipeline. The government is importing rice from Myanmar 
and India by loading relatively small vessels with low draft. The food department of the government is accepting these 
officially imported rice.
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