PV Online Report :Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) is once again leaning towards the 'satellite town' or sub-city project. 
CCC is in talks with a South Korean firm to implement the potential project at a site adjacent to BFIDC Road in Kalurghat of the city. 
A delegation of the company also visited the site last week.

However, in 2006, during the tenure of the late mayor of CCC, Alhaj ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury, CCC took a project to build a sub-city 
with the help of South Korean institutions.
The project was then named 'Sampan Satellite Town'. At that time, the project cost was estimated at 700 crores. Approval was also 
received from the Ministry. At that time, Chasik's then city planner, chief health officer and an executive engineer traveled to
 Korea to experience the project. However, Chasik could not finally implement the satellite town project as the CDA refused to allow 
residential construction in the industrial area. The project was finally scrapped in 2013.
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