PV Online Report : High-speed broadband internet connectivity in most areas of the city becomes sluggish after evening. As a result, people of different professions are suffering in many ways. The most detrimental effect is on freelancers living in cities.
Because of this slow internet, it is not possible to explain the work to foreign clients at certain times. As a result, retaining clients is becoming a major challenge for freelancers. On the other hand, after evening students are also unable to collect study notes due to slow internet at home. Besides, people who come back from office are not able to finish their unfinished work.
An internet user named Fardin Ahmed Nahid said that most of the broadband internet service providers in Chittagong are sick entered the competition. A competition is going on who can provide internet connection for less money and how many clients can be obtained.
As a result, it becomes difficult to maintain standards. A freelancer in the EPZ area Minhaj Arefin said that many neighborhood based ISP companies have been established in the EPZ area, they are not able to provide any service as promised to the customers. Forced to use mobile data to retain foreign clients. But mobile internet also becomes slow after evening.
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