PV Online Report : Due to the increase in the rate of coronavirus infection in the city, the crowd in the raw market has decreased than before. Although the market was overflowing during the normal closing hours, there were not many buyers on Friday (January 14).

Although there is no shortage of supply of winter vegetables, buyers are not seeing any signs of reduction in rising prices. And vendors say the price of vegetables is not falling as transportation costs rise. However, supply in the market is normal. This picture has been seen while visiting Chawkbazar, Kazir Dewri Raw Bazaar, Baxir Hat and Bahaddarhat Raw Bazaar of the city.

Egg prices have risen again this week. Last week, eggs were sold at Tk 105 per dozen, but now they are being sold at Tk 110. At the same time, per kg broiler chickens are being sold at Tk 155, layer 235, golden 260 to 300 and domestic chickens at 420 to 450 taka.

In the retail market, per kg Miniket is being sold at Tk 59 to 60, Atash at Tk 48 to 50, Parija at Tk 48 to 48, Nazirshail at Tk 74 and Basmati at Tk 69 to 60.

The price of fish is also increasing in the market this week. Rui-katla is being sold at Tk 280 to 310 per kg, shoal at Tk 520 to 550, shing and taki at Tk 330 to 360, tilapia and pangas at Tk 140 to 160 per kg.

Vegetable prices remained unchanged like last week. Per kg tomato 35 to 40 taka, bean and eggplant 45 to 50 taka, cauliflower 35 to 40 taka, carrot 36 to 45 taka, cucumber 26 to 35 taka, sweet pumpkin 35 to 40 taka, green pepper 45 to 55 taka, papaya 25 to It is being sold at 30 taka.

Edited By-SPT