PV Online Desk : The fresh 11-point restriction, imposed by the  government to prevent the highly contagious new African COVID-19 variant  Omicron, began today.

On January 10, the Cabinet Division issued a notification to this end.

The notification said considering the current situation of Omicron  infections and the decisions taken by the COVID-19 situation review  committee, the restrictions on the overall activities and movement are going  to be imposed from January 13. The restrictions will remain effective until
further notice.

Mask use has been made mandatory in shops, shopping malls, bazaars, hotels  and restaurants and all public gatherings. If one violates the rules, legal  action will be taken against him or her.

All must use masks in offices and courts or outside of homes. If the  health guidelines are not followed, mobile courts will have to be conducted  across the country, the notification said.

COVID-19 vaccine certificates must be shown in taking food at restaurants  or staying at hotels.

Without vaccine certificate, a student above 12 years will not be allowed  to enter education institutions after the specific timeframe set by the  Education Ministry.

Scanning facility must be increased at land ports, seaports and airports.  Restriction must be imposed on the exits of crews of ships at ports. Only  drivers of trucks will be allowed at land ports. The access of the visitors  accompanying passengers must be stopped at airports.

Trains, buses and launches can carry passengers of their half capacity.  The authorities will issue specific instructions in this regard with the date  of implementation. Drivers and helpers of all types of vehicles must have  COVID-19 vaccine certificates.

Home-bound passengers and others concerned must show COVID-19 vaccine  certificates.

Imams will aware people concerned of the health safety guidelines and mask  use in their sermons of Jummah prayers in all mosques. Deputy Commissioners  and Upazila Nirbahi Officers will ensure this matter.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will take necessary publicity and  other measures in accelerating COVID-19 vaccination and its booster dose  inoculation. In this regard, it will take assistance from the Information and
Broadcasting Ministry.

All social, political and religious functions will remain closed at open  space until further notice.

In case of any special situation created in any area, the local  administration can take actions in consultation with the authorities  concerned, the notification said.

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