PV Desk : In March last year, at the beginning of the infection, two government hospitals were set up in Chittagong to treat patients with corona. One of them is BITID (Bangladesh Institute of Tropical and Infectious Diseases) Hospital in Fauzdarhat. The other is Chittagong General Hospital.
32 isolation beds of BITID Hospital and 100 isolation beds of General Hospital were prepared for the treatment of Corona patients. The number of isolation beds in the General Hospital has been increased to one and a half. Corona’s medical activities were initially started in Chittagong in these two hospitals through the admission of patients. However, neither hospital had an ICU-ventilator or central oxygen system.

There was no oxygen plant. Later, on April 23 last year, ten ICU beds with ventilators were started at the General Hospital. Later, along with the oxygen plant, a central oxygen system was also installed. Six more ICU beds were inaugurated on April 7 last year. In all, there are now 16 ICU beds in Chittagong General Hospital. Oxygen plant has been set up with government funding. And the central oxygen system has been set up by the industrial group S Alam family. Considering these benefits, Chittagong General Hospital can now be said to be very self-sufficient in corona treatment.
However, at the same time, Corona medical activities started, but the BITID hospital in Fauzdarhat lagged far behind in medical facilities. The hospital still does not have the capacity to admit more than 32 patients in isolation beds. Oxygen cylinders are relied upon to provide oxygen support to patients with shortness of breath. No ICU-ventilator facility. However, this time these medical facilities are also being added to BITID Hospital. The hospital has a 5-bed ICU bed with ventilator. Oxygen plants are being set up to ensure uninterrupted supply of oxygen. Another Biosafety (Level-3) RTPCR lab is being set up to test corona samples. The work of setting up this ICU, oxygen plant and lab is starting from today Sunday. Courtesy-Daily Azadi

Edited By-SPT