PV International Desk : President Joe Biden hopes to give a shot of adrenaline to the planet’s sluggish fight against climate change with an Earth Day summit but a question lingers — can the United States be trusted to lead?

The two major international accords achieved on climate, the Paris Agreement and the Kyoto Protocol, were both crafted through intense US diplomacy only to be shunned by Washington, with new administrations denouncing them as unfair.

This time around, the United States under Biden is aiming big and going fast.

Biden has invited 40 leaders to participate in the April 22-23 summit, an extraordinary undertaking for a president in place for just three months, even with the gathering taking place virtually.

The administration will set the stage for the summit by unveiling what it has teased will be ambitious new US targets for reducing emissions responsible for climate change, as Congress considers Biden’s massive $2 trillion infrastructure package that heavily focuses on a green transition.


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