PV International Desk : President Md. Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina have greeted US President Donald Trump on the occasion of 244th Anniversary of the Declaration of the United States of America.

In a congratulatory message, President Abdul Hamid said Bangladesh and the US are close friends and trusted partners.

“Our countries are united through shared values of freedom and principles of democracy. Based on these commonalities, we have been working together to expand our relations in every possible way,” he said.

The president expressed gratitude to the US for its continued support to Bangladesh in dealing with the Rohingya issue.

“I strongly believe that the partnership between our two countries and the peoples would be further strengthened and flourished in the coming days through our collective efforts,” the head of the state said.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a separate message said Bangladesh and the US are great partners with common aspirations of their peoples to uphold shared values of freedom and principles of democracy.

“Based on the principles and values of the two societies, we have strengthened our friendship and institutional partnership,” she said.

The prime minister said bilateral engagements between Bangladesh and the US have become multifaceted and flourished beyond the spheres of trade, investment and development assistance over the period of time.

Edited By-Shekhar Tripaty