PV Desk : The density of larvae of aedes mosquito, which transmits dengue virus to human body, is not at alarming level in the capital Dhaka but everyone should remain alert about it, according to a survey of DGHS.

Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) disease control unit director Professor Dr Shahnila Ferdousi disclosed the findings of the survey conducted on ‘density of aedes mosquito after monsoon’ at a virtual press briefing which was aired on DGHS facebook page.

The survey was carried out under national malaria elimination and aedes borne diseases control programmes between March 5 and 14 at around 3,000 houses in 98 wards under Dhaka two city corporations, she said.

The survey results showed aedes mosquito larvae density was at zero level in 56 wards while Breteau Index (BI) level was between 10 and 13.3 percent in 44 places, she added.

Researchers took into account the Breteau Index (BI) to measure the prevalence of larvae. If the BI level goes beyond 20 percent, the presence of mosquito larvae gets to be risky for people.