PV Desk : China has retreated that it will stay with Bangladesh to fight COVID-19 pandemic through addressing medical needs, continuing key projects here and sustaining bilateral trade and supply chains between the two nations.

“We shall stay with Bangladesh in this war against the common enemy,” Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming today wrote in an open letter, disseminated by the Chinese embassy here.

The Chinese envoy said his government will stay with Bangladesh in combating the deadly coronavirus disease that was first hit in Chinese mainland before becoming pandemic through providing various medical expertise and supplies.

Besides, he said, “We shall stay with Bangladesh in the implementation of key cooperation projects to make sure that both during and after the epidemic, Bangladeshi workers on the projects will remain employed and the construction will go on as long as the situation permits.”

He said so far China has donated 40,500 test kits, 15,000 surgical N95 masks, 300,000 medical masks, 10,000 protective gowns and 1,000 infrared thermometers to Bangladesh for medical workers and others who are most in need, “with more supplies to arrive in the near future”.