PV Desk : Mobile network towers in Bangladesh do not radiate anything harmful to human health and the environment, telecom regulators said citing a survey.

“Radiation is found to be much lower than the threshold fixed by BTRC and international standards; there’s nothing to worry about,” said Md Aminul Hasan, a commissioner of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, said on Monday.

The High Court in April 2019 ordered the authorities to do a survey to see if the radiation emitted by rooftop towers is causing harm to human health and the environment.

The High Court ordered the BTRC to submit a report in four months following the hearing of a writ petition. Besides, it also ordered the regulators to identify the specific absorption rate, a measure of energy absorbed by the human body when exposed to a radio frequency while using a mobile phone.

A survey has been conducted on mobile phone network tower radiation in parts of the country and BTRC will continue the study, said Hasan.