December 14 is such a day when each and every individual Bangladeshi mingles with one another with a view to turning into a single entity to pay the richest tributes to the most brilliant sons of the soil killed deliberately in a cold-blooded fashion in 1971. Just two days before the final and decisive victory of the of the Bangladeshi people’s War of Liberation, the Pakistani Occupation Forces made a heinous blue print in connivance with their Bangladeshi collaborators that was planned to bankrupt the emerging independent nation both spiritually and intellectually.

Those intellectuals killed on December 14, 1971 were truly original idea makers who spearheaded the intellectual movement of the then East Pakistan for an independent Bangladesh. They had long been campaigning for promoting and precipitating the vision of independence among the millions of the yet awakened people of the then East Pakistan in parallel to the top-gear political bandwagon roaring in the political horizon for independence. Their intellectual efforts and endeavors, in fact, added solid strength to the political movement from the deepest layer and thus these martyred intellectuals, to a great extent, happen to be the real dream makers of our hard-earned independence.

Once genocide against the innocent and unarmed Bengalees is treated to be a black chapter written in the ink of blood, the mass killing of the targeted intellectuals at the Rayer Bazar killing ground is obviously another gruesome episode that will remain as a practical evidence of the primitive barbarism of the Pakistani Occupation Forces forever. If there is anything that is considered to be a fault as such on the part of these great trail-blazers, their vision for emancipation and independence for the oppressed Bengalees as well as their pioneering role in making people dream about independence even from the scratch was their only fault for which they were to give their lives.

Since this carnage was absolutely targeted at the intellectuals resided in Dhaka at the fag end of our War of Liberation, it was hurriedly finished and the clear motive was to cripple a nascent free nation in a way so that it can hardly raise its head proudly over the decades. Over 200 professors, journalists, doctors and writers were abducted hastily by the Al-Badr militia and Pakistani Army and were taken to the Rayer Bazar execution spot. They were made to line up and then shot at a point-blank range. However, these heroes even in the face of sure death did never relinquish their faith in independent Bangladesh. These intellectuals trashed their valuable lives for the cause of our independence.

Although the Occupation Forces and their local collaborators wanted to destroy the intellectual potentials of the nation, they themselves were ultimately defeated since they were absolutely ignorant of the fact that no freedom-crazy nation can ever be annihilated even if the oppressors killed all the intellectuals. It is the unconquerable spirit of a freedom-hungry nation that it will emerge from the vile dust. Unquestionably, Pakistani Occupation misread the sacrificing chemistry of the freedom-loving people of Bangladesh. The unstoppable people who dare to stand against the towering inferno can turn in any situation.

The martyred intellectuals are the real never-inextinguishable flame of fiery patriotism who fought until death the great cause they believe and promote. They did never compromise with their professed and avowed principles they used to nurture throughout their lives. They are truly the unforgettable valiant sons of the soil who conquered all material temptations placing the greatest collective cause of freedom of the fellow compatriots and the motherland as well. It is simply unthinkable that these brave innovators didn’t leave their motherland in the face of imminent danger. Speaking more specifically, these rare bred of patriotic people dared to stay in the most dangerous zone, Dhaka, of the then east Pakistan. Only the absolutely cynical and self-seeking people may define them foolhardy in that they didn’t contemplate the heaviest price they may be subject to pay at anytime.

Intellectuals’ unflinching commitment to the great cause of national freedom made them not to abandon their dear living city even in the face of the fast engulfing danger is obviousy a burning evidence of their proven patriotism which was found in Dr. Zoha sir of the University of Rajshahi, the first martyred intellectual of the colonial Pakistan back in 1969. Their supreme sacrifices can never be erased from the history of Bangladeshi people’s history of sruggle for independence and a self-government.

The loss of so many cream intellectuals on December 14 1971 is undoubtedly an irreparable loss for the infant Bangladesh. These intellectuals were surely the outstanding performers in their respective fields of intellectual works and that they embellish the intellectual resources by their invaluable contributions befitting for a free nation. Responding to the clarion call made by the Founding father of the Nation, they rose over their personal interests and benefits and laid down their lives just for the sake of independence of the motherland. They are the true trend setter in the global history of struggle for freedom and free thinking.

Today we keenly miss their absence in our intellectual arena and especially we deeply feel that we actually have lost the core intellectual resources when we see the absence of selfless and uncompromising spirit around us. Once these indomitable hearts remained alive today, the nation’s onward March for building an exploitation-free Sonar Bangla would surely gain an enhanced momentum and accelerating speed. It is beyond all doubts that these genuine patriots were killed just because they were uncompromising in their principles and more specifically for their avant-garde role in inflaming the millions of hearts with the ever-burning fire of patriotism.

The martyred intellectuals of December 14 are an unending source of fresh inspiration for the whole nation. They will always glitter like a light house and show the nation the right direction in even amid the deepest of darkness and evil. The Independent