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PV Desk : The government like every year is going to observe the national Vitamin A plus campaign across the country tomorrow.

Around 2.25 crore children aged between six months and five years, will be
fed Vitamin A capsules under the nationwide campaign on the day.

The total number of children, around 25 lakh aged between six to 11 months
will be fed one blue colour Vitamin-A capsule each, while around 1.94 crore
babies aged between 12 to 59 months would be fed red color capsules.

They will be fed the Vitamin A capsule at some 1, 20,000 permanent and 20
thousand mobile health centres across the country.

Mobile health centres will be set up at bus stands, railway stations, launch terminals, airports, ferry terminals, bridge toll centres and kheya ghats, and these will remain open from 8am to 4pm to make sure that all children are fed the capsules.

At least two trained volunteers would work at each centres.