PV Entertainment Desk : Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor is not acting in the much-debated Bangladeshi film“Masud Rana,” according to an official Facebook post of Jaaz Multimedia uploaded on Saturday (September 28).

Earlier, following another post of Jaaz Multimedia uploaded on August 29, rumors circulated that Shraddha Kapoor herself was not aware about it. Now truth has manifested.

According to Jaaz Multimedia, Jaaz Multimedia signed a contract with Shraddha Kapoor. It even sent signing money in advance through an agent of Shraddha Kapoor. Shraddha Kapoor was scheduled to work for ‘Masud Rana’ between September 27 and October 20 of this current year. However, Shraddha Kapoor is busy with another schedule of a cinema, which is why she is unable to work for ‘Masud Rana.’