PV Sports Desk : Belgium shocked tournament favorite Brazil playing lively aggressive football and with a bit of favor of lady luckBrazil went down first through a suicide goal and then De Bruyen scoring a brilliant goal off a Lukaku assists.

Brazil kept trying and trying but most were either saved by Belgium Goal Keeper or just missed the target. Many chances and half chances came their way. In football, it is goal that matters. Brazil failed to score at least three from potential scoring opportunities and crushed out from the world cup. Billions of Brazilian fans should console that they lost to a better team on the day. With the exit of Brazil World Cup 2018 is now all European affair.  Bye bye Brazil, bye bye South America.

What a world cup it turned out so far! Germany, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Uruguay all went out and now Brazil goes home. Others did not play to potential but Brazil did and they must blame their luck also. Brazil was definitely unfortunate.

The two teams were so evenly matched that many termed the match final before the final. Belgium chocolate is liked as much as Brazilian Coffee all over the world. Belgium meets France in the all Europe seminal.

If you look from the space, Belgium appears as the brightest spot. A small wonderful country, very friendly, clean and beautiful. For some years, golden generation of Belgium were threatening to break big .Lukaku, De Bruyen and Hazard are three very dangerous forwards in leading Eurpean clubs. They are fast and furious, very quick in counter attacks and wonderful marksmen. They combine very well. Absence of Casimero created a little void in Brazilan mid field. It is from such midfield imbalance, Belgium broke the ice after surviving some very close calls. Brazil could be 2-0 up early on. But somehow Brazil could not score. From a goal mouth melle Brazil digested an own goal 1-0. Brazil kept on surging. But Belgium also unleashed some good counter attacks. From a Lukaku pass De Bruen scored a wonderful goal with a thunderous long distance strike making it 2-0.