Tie Breaker: Croatia 4: Denmark 3

In a keenly contested match where both sides scored within 4 minutes of the kick off 116 minutes including 15+15+30 minutes after that remained goal less.

In the second tie breakers witnessed on the same night Croatian Goal Keeper won the match for the team. Croatia won 3-3 breaking the hearts of the Danes.

Hardly the viewers could settle down Denmark scored within 42 seconds through the very first move 1-0. Croats did not sit back and roared into actions right then and there. In their counter attack they equalized with their first moves in 1minute and 42 seconds. The match witnessed lively pace of attacks and counter attacks. Arguably the most contested match seen so far. Both teams got number of chances to go ahead but neither could avail in full time.

Croatia got a penalty in the second half of extended period which Danish Goal keeper saved. Match drifted to penalty kick tie breakers. Both goal keepers saved two each. In sudden death Croatia scored and Croatian Goal keeper Suvacic saved again. Croatia won 4-3 to set a date with Russia which earlier on the night knocked out Spain in similar manner.

Croatia created flash in the tournament beating one of the tournament favorites Argentina 3-0 in the Group D first round. Denmark came to the group of 16 as the second best team of Group C behind France.  The two teams of Europe playing almost similar brand of football presented breath taking fascinating contest.