PV Desk : Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said today the government is set to install wire fence and build road along Myanmar border mainly to stop smuggling of yaba and other illegal drugs in the country.

“Besides, initiatives have been taken to make stronger Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), coast guard and river police to make sure that no illegal drugs can be smuggled in the country,” he said as the chief guest at a program marking “International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking”.

The program was held at the capital’s Osmani Memorial Auditorium with Director General (DG) of Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) M Jamal Uddin Ahmed in the chair.

About various measures taken by the government to stop yaba smuggling, the minister said, “We have already forwarded a list of yaba-producing factories to Myanmar authorities and signed several agreements for stopping the factories along border, but they (Myanmar) are yet to take any initiative to this end.”

“Myanmar authorities even do not comply with their promises which they used to give at the regular meetings on stopping drug smuggling,” he said, adding that border outposts have already been increased at Banbdarban and Nikhangchhari borders to stop drug smuggling.

“We will set up devices at the entry points of yaba with good experience of installing such a device at Putkhali border,” he informed.

“The government is committed to root out drug abuse from the country, and for this reason, we are now preparing a list of the people who are giving shelters to the drug peddlers with giving money, and renting houses. None, whatever powerful they might be, wouldn’t be spared if they are found involved in drug trading,” he vowed.

The minister also reiterated to conduct nationwide anti-narcotics crackdowns until curbing the drug peddling.

Among others, Faridul Haque Khan, MP, Security Services Division Secretary of the Home Ministry Farid Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia and Director General of Fire Service and Civil Defence Brig Gen Ali Ahmed, also spoke on the occasion.

Farid Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury said, “The law keeping provision of death sentence as the highest punishment is now at the final stage aimed at controlling and stopping drug smuggling.”