V Sports Desk : Off all the teams considered favorites for World Cup 2018 only Belgium lived up to the billing winning easy 3-0 margin against World Cup debutant Panama. That also happened after sluggish start in the first half when spirited Panama could hold them 0-0. Once the flood gate opened goal one, two and three came and there were potential for more. With other favorites of the group England struggling against Tunisia in their injury time solitary goal Belgium looked like finishing the group on top.

There was Pacific Ocean wide gap in skill and quality of the two teams Belgium and Panama. But spirited Panama kept a bit confused Belgians at bay for 45 minutes of the first half when they even attacked a few times. Panama Manager Herman Dario Bolilo Gomez announced that for his team, there would be four possible outcomes in three world cup matches they play in their very first appearance in the elite tournament. They could win, they could draw, they could loose and they could be goleado – roundly defeated. 4000 Panama fans traveled 7200 miles o Russian City Sochi to cheer their brave boys. They even outnumbered European team Belgium fans 4:1. Cheering full throat they were egging on their players that encouraged them proving equal to vast superior opponents for 50% of the match.  But ultimately they succumbed. A lovely measured volley from Dries Mortens and two from RomeloLukaku completed the routing.