PV Sports Desk : Reigning Champion Germany losing to youthful Magical Mexico (0-1) and hot favorite Brazil sharing points with impressive Switzerland completed the stumbling of all four top favorites of World Cup 2018 in their respective first round matches.

Earlier, Spain drawing with Portugal 3-3 and Argentina sharing points with Iceland 1-1 were stories of favorites failing to impress. So far among favorites only France could win against Australia 2-1. But they also looked far from impressive. Today, England and Belgium would launch their mission. It will be interesting watching how they perform. Thanks to extensive activities of FIFA football standards are developing in so many countries. The difference between top and mid-ranked teams are minimizing progressively .No team can be taken for guaranteed now.

The contest between Germany and Mexico, Brazil and Switzerland were so intense that there was little surprise with the outcome. Mexico not only absorbed Germany attacks flooding their territory but also in counter forays kept German defense perspiring. Similarly, Switzerland looked so impressive. They not only bottled Neymar restricting his maneuvering space, but also effectively blunted the fluidity of the Selcaos. Luckily, Brazil did not concede defeat while Germans did. Hope all teams would sustain the early form. If that happens, this world cup will become even contest in every match. Favorites usually improve match after match. Finally quality bench strength pays off.