PV Sports Desk : What Salma Khatun and her cricketers did in Malaysia by winning the Asia cup was beyond what mere words can express.

Former national openers Ishtiaque Ahmed sums up the women’s extraordinary achievement on Tuesday.

Ishtiaque said, “In a country which according to the great Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen had shown greater credentials than its own country India in terms of gender equality and gender discrimination only goes to show the enormity of the achievement by our women cricketers by winning the trophy.

What was more stupendous in the manner in which it was achieved was that our girls were able to beat 5 times and the only Asia cup winner India on two successive occasions in the same tournament. The victory not only meant that a major trophy has been achieved but a feat never ever achieved by their male counterparts ever before in any international final event.

One must not forget however that the same bunch of girls were whipped fair and square by the South Africans 5-0, and 2-0 respectively just before they embarked on the Asia Cup in Malaysia. A turnaround of such sort is also a feat that deserves even greater plaudits as forgetting their recent drubbing against an opponent just as formidable.

Then showing the resilience to win 5 matches on a trot to go on to win the trophy after having lost the very first one against the Sri Lankan, surely should have got them more Cash awards and other monetary benefits that they’ve already been promised.

Instead of basking in this glory for longer than necessary it is equally important for the authorities to start the best possible preparation for them to qualify for the forthcoming women’s world cup. It should leave no doubt in the minds of those within BCB that proper training facilities and organizing more number of domestic cricket for women should get almost equal priority as in the case of men’s cricket.

The honour that the women’s cricket has achieved is not only unprecedented but they have also gone on to show that if given greater opportunities our girls can achieve not only in cricket fields but should also be able to contribute to the overall socio economic growth. It would go a long way in establishing woman’s empowerment without which a country striving for development on the basis of democratic Norms and Values would not be achieved.