PV Desk : After 6 years, Kanchannagar treatment plant has been started in Eastern Railway.

It was launched by General Manager (GM) of Eastern Region Jahangir Hossain around 11am on Wednesday (January 13).

The Kanchannagar Slipper Treatment Plant in Patiya was set up on 36 acres of land during the Pakistan period. All the wooden slippers of the railway were repaired at the treatment plant and made suitable for work. The treatment plant was a combination of wooden sleeper depot and iron sleeper depot. As a result, slippers could be made by collecting raw materials. It would have been a lot of government revenue. But due to manpower crisis, the plant was shut down in 2012.

Although it was reopened in the middle, the treatment plant was shut down again within a few months. Considering the importance of the factory, Sardar Shahadat Ali, who was the Additional General Manager at that time, worked hard to keep the factory afloat in August 2020. He also inspected the plant.

Senior Deputy Assistant Engineer (Way Sholashahar) Saifullah told  that the plant was shut down in 2012 due to manpower crisis. Railroad sleepers were repaired there. Railway Eastern GM Jahangir Hossain told  that the sleeper treatment plant is important. The slippers of the railway line are repaired at this plant. Its introduction will increase revenue.

Chief Engineer of Eastern Railway Sabuktagin , SA truck  Mohiuddin Arif, COPS SM Salauddin and others were present on the occasion. Courtesy-banglanews

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