PV Desk : The colors of the festival are in the air in the city. Millions of posters, thousands of banners, miking, public relations, processions, election offices or camps are quite eye-catching. Besides, the fear is also increasing. One person has already been killed and several others arrested in the election violence.

It has been seen on the spot that the two main candidates for the post of mayor are Awami League’s Rezaul Karim Chowdhury and BNP’s Dr. Shahadat Hossain’s posters are strewn all over the streets of the city. Besides, competition has also started for hanging posters and banners of general councilor and reserved ward (women) councilor candidates in different ward areas.

The crowds are more, the areas where there are polling stations, markets, markets, street corners, road dividers (road dividers) posters are being hung more. Three youths were hanging posters of BNP mayoral candidate on Shaheed Saifuddin Khaled Road at midnight. One of them, Nazmul Hasan, told that this year he is being paid 3-4 rupees for hanging a poster. But we are doing the work ourselves for the team. Posterless selection There are also exceptions to the poster printing and hanging competition.

Councilor candidate of Jamalkhan Ward No. 21 Shaibal Das Sumon. He announced the election without posters out of concern for the environment and prevention of waste. Shaibal Das Sumon said, “I will hand over the money approved by the Election Commission for the printing of posters to the cancer patients in my constituency.” I believe that the voters will exercise their voting right by thinking in order to maintain the continuity of the development work and modernization that has been done in Jamalkhan  in the last 5 years.

Digital campaign

Taking advantage of the opportunities of digital Bangladesh, many candidates are giving importance to digital campaign by posting advertisements, live and pictures on social media Facebook. Candidates are regularly giving live on Facebook page during public relations. Young voters see the issue as positive. Courtesy-banglanews

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