PV Desk : The fame of Chattogram dryfish is spread in the country and abroad. Apart from Karnafuli, Chattogram is famous for its rivers and the shores of the Bay of Bengal.

One of the country’s shuntakipalli has developed on the banks of the river Karnafuli. The workers of the area are engaged in converting the fish at Bakalia, Ichanagar, Dangarchar, Karnafuli Ghat and Juldha on the north-south banks of the river.
The fish collected by fishermen from the deep seas of Kutubdia, Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf areas of the Bay of Bengal were brought to the shores of Karnafuli. The dry village is expanding day by day due to cheap labor and easy communication system by water. Let’s not sell too much.

The raw fish are picked up in rows and dried in the sun. Many varieties of dried fruits are made here. The demand for Laitya shuntki here is all over the country.
In addition, there is a great demand for dried fish of different species including knife, faisya, shark, baila, popa, chanda baila, tikka, flying, coral fish. Laksha and Rupchanda are the most expensive among the dried fruits.

It has been seen that the workers are drying different types of dried fruits. Dry processing is done every day. It has created employment for thousands of people. Courtesy-banglanews

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