PV Desk : A mobile court has fined two owners for continuing classes at a coaching center in Corona without following government instructions.

A mobile court on Wednesday (November 25th) raided the city’s Chawkbazar area and recovered the fine.

Chattogram Metropolitan Police led the operation, led by the Chittagong District Administration Executive Magistrate. Umar Farooq.

Oracle Coaching Center was fined Tk 10,000 and BCS Helpline Coaching Center was fined Tk 5,000 for keeping the coaching center open during the campaign.

Executive Magistrate. Umar Farooq said there were instructions to close classes at all government, private educational institutions and coaching centers due to the corona.

Not following these instructions, 2 coaching center classes were started in Chawkbazar. The coaching center was closed down and the owner of the coaching center was fined.

“We have complaints that the coaching trade is going on in different areas of the city, including Chawkbazar, ignoring hygiene rules,” he said. Today’s operation has shown that many people closed the coaching center and fled after getting the news of the arrival of the magistrate.

We have come with instructions to keep the coaching center closed. We will continue our regular campaign so that no one can keep the coaching center running.

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