PV Desk : The incidence of winter is gradually increasing. The power of the global epidemic is also increasing.

Children and adolescents are suffering from cold-related diseases including cold and cough. So the value of winter clothes on the sidewalk is increasing. Bikini is floating in the floating shops from afternoon to evening.
New Market, Jubilee Road, Station Road, KC Dey Road, Kotwali Junction, Laldighi, Kazir Deuri Junction, Andarkilla, Chawkbazar, Bahaddarhat, GEC Junction, Agrabad, Bahaddarhat, Bandartila and other areas of the city are crowded with people. Some people are ferrying cheap winter clothes and imported old winter clothes in rickshaws in the alleys.

Most sold are sweaters, jackets, warm underwear sets, blazers, hats, hats, mufflers, hand and foot socks, children’s blankets, quilts, necklaces, shawls, etc.

A seller told the media that there are two types of floating winter clothing sellers. A group is buying and selling old winter clothes from various importers including Khatunganj. Basically children’s clothes, kantha-blankets, blazers come to Gaite. Another group is buying cheap new winter clothes from Ghatfarhadbeg, Teri Bazar, Riazuddin Bazar. It is being traded mainly from afternoon to evening.
Farid Ahmed, vice-president of Chattogram Footpath Hawkers Association, told banglanews that our association has 750 members. Everyone has been told to wear corona prevention masks and that no buyer without masks should actually sell products. We are monitoring the issue of wearing masks in groups of 5-6 people. Those who do not comply are being punished by keeping the shop closed for 3 to 15 days. The biggest thing is that we are also distributing a lot of masks on behalf of the association. We are giving the most importance to the issue of masks.
Child health specialist Sushant Barua told the media that after buying any clothes for adults or children from the sidewalk, they should be washed with soap or detergent and dried in the sun. Because if you wear these clothes directly after buying, there is a risk of various skin diseases, allergies, lung diseases. Most importantly, many buyers hold these clothes by hand, so no risk can be taken. Parents, including parents, should be aware of this. Courtesy-banglanews

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