PV Desk : The city is now in a state of dust due to development woes. The dust is scattering on the body of the pedestrian in the autumn wind.
Breathing is also a die-hard matter.
A layer of dust has accumulated on the leaves of the tree. The business of the shopkeepers along the road has flourished. Majhirghat, Stand Road, Alangkar, Nimatal, Nandankanan, Agrabad, Halishahar Port Connecting Road areas have to be accompanied by this dust.
It has been learned that the amount of 2.5 micrometer diameter particles per cubic meter in the air is dangerous level only after crossing 100 ppm, while this amount is more than 3500 ppm in the air of Chittagong almost every day this season.

To avoid the dust, many employees, drivers and pedestrians are not able to breathe normally even after using masks. Attempts are being made to prevent dust from being covered with triple in front of some food shops on the side of the road.
Even then, the items in the shop including food and chess are turning gray in the dust. Sculptures, murals and saplings planted on sidewalks have faded in the beautification of the city.

Diseases are spreading due to dust. Lung infections, shortness of breath, colds and eye infections are on the rise. Children and the elderly are the most affected. The city dwellers are claiming that the unusual dust is mainly due to the development work of City Corporation, WASA, PDB and CDA.

CCC has three sweeping vehicles worth Tk 2 crore 24 lakh 70 thousand to reduce dust on the road. Recently, the Ministry of Local Government has given three more sweeping vehicles to CCC to automatically clear the dust of the road. The cars are useful for clearing the light dust that accumulates on the smooth roads of the developed world.

Meanwhile, in order to reduce the incidence of dust in the city, water was occasionally sprinkled in different areas at the initiative of WASA. Although these activities temporarily provide relief to the city dwellers, there is no permanent solution. Courtesy-banglanews

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