PV Desk : The price of vegetables has gone out of control in the city’s raw market. From potato to long bean prices of all vegetables are going up.

Buyers complain that even though marginal farmers sell vegetables at lower prices, they are selling them several times in the retail market. But vendors say they are “forced” to sell at higher prices due to rising transportation costs and wasted vegetables, even if there is adequate supply.

On Friday (November 20) morning, the city’s Chawkbazar and Kazir Deuri raw markets were visited at Tk 80-90 per kg, eggplant at Tk 60, barbati at Tk 70, titkarala at Tk 100, chichinga at Tk 90, dhandas at Tk 60-70, sweet pumpkin at Tk 50 and cucumber at Tk 60. , Tomato 90 Taka, Gourd 40 Taka, Raw Papaya 40 Taka, Potato 45 Taka, Small Kachu 50 Taka, Shrimp 90 Taka, Beans 100 Taka, Cauliflower 60-70 Taka, Cabbage 60 Taka, Carrot 80 Taka .

Beef is being sold at Tk 650 per kg without bones, Tk 550 with bones, mutton at Tk 800 per kg, broiler chicken at Tk 130, golden chicken at Tk 200 and layer chicken at Tk 250.

Edited By-SPT