PV Desk : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina toady stressed the need for an ‘urgent unified global remedial action’ to save the planet from impending crisis caused by spike in temperature.

“As per the current prediction, the temperature could even rise by more than 4.5 Degree Celsius by the end of this century making the earth completely not fit to live if immediate remedial actions are not taken,” she said.

She added: “Only by the unified global action, we can overcome the impending crisis. The time to take action to save the planet is not tomorrow, it is today. ”

The premier said this in a pre-recorded speech at a High-Level Panel Closing Session of the UNFCCC Race to Zero Dialogues titled “Transformational Leadership to Meet Net-Zero Ambition.”

Sheikh Hasina said the global leadership must take bold decisions to reduce carbon emission to save life and precious resources.

“All the governments need to largely increase their ambitions to the best of their capacity if we want to save our planet and ourselves,” she said.

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