PV Desk : The number of coronavirus detected in Chattogram in October was close to 100, more than 150 in the last one week.

The people concerned think that the infection is increasing due to the reluctance to follow the hygiene rules including not wearing a mask and the winter weather is conducive to the transmission of the virus.

According to the District Civil Surgeon’s Office on Wednesday, in the previous 24 hours, 1397 samples were examined and 17 Covid-19s were identified. As a percentage, it is about 12.63 percent.

Earlier, coronavirus was detected in 158 people on 16 November, 161 people on 16 November, 63 people on 15 November, 148 people on 14 November and 107 people on 13 November.

Chattogram Civil Surgeon Sheikh Fazle Rabbi said, “The number of identities is going up. On November 17, about 18 percent of the total sample was positive. Last month, the number of identities per day was close to one hundred. Which has increased a lot this month. ”

Despite the increase in the number of patients, the death rate and the number of hospitalized patients have not increased much, the civil surgeon said.
The death toll rose to 301 on October 13 when two Kovid-19 infected people died in Chattogram district.
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