PV Desk : According to a study by the government development research institute BIDS, one-third of the country’s youth with secondary to postgraduate degrees are completely unemployed.

The study found that 33.32 percent of educated youth are completely unemployed.
Which is more than 26 lakhs. Many of them are leaving their profession of interest and running after certain jobs only thinking about social security. As a result, there is a lack of qualified people in many creative sectors.

However, now many young people are becoming entrepreneurs again. The Progressive Bangladesh Foundation is working to motivate the youth in the work of their choice just as the Bangladesh government is motivating them.

Nur Islam Biplob, a student of the 2015-16 session of the English Department of Chattogram University (CU), is the founder of the organization. Its slogan is ‘We can too, we can’. At present 8 batches of different departments of CUare working in this organization. Whose main goal is to encourage students to do their own thing. As a result, the Progressive Bangladesh Foundation can be a comfortable platform for students who are volunteers, teachers, writers, singers, public speakers, designers, artists or those who are skilled in dance and song.

He said that just as a tree needs many branches to grow, so too a country needs art, literature, culture and participation of all to move forward. We want people to think, to mature their skills. And Progressive Bangladesh Foundation will encourage everyone’s work. Here everyone will have the opportunity to promote their work. Others will be encouraged as well. This is how Bangladesh of thousands of entrepreneurs will be formed.

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