PV Business Desk :  Optimism that US lawmakers will eventually pass a new stimulus package lifted Asian markets Monday, with the White House ramping up its offer and Donald Trump insisting Republicans want to get a deal done.

The gains followed another strong lead from Wall Street, with hopes for a fresh injection of cash into the world’s top economy overshadowing a surge in virus infections that have forced some governments to reimpose containment measures and targeted lockdowns.

Investors were sent on a roller-coaster ride last week when the president called off talks before doing a volte-face to say they were back on and saying they were progressing well.

On Friday, he jacked up his offer, proposing a $1.8 trillion package and even saying he favoured an even larger package.

The move has instilled optimism that an agreement can be reached, even though the White House plan is $400 billion short of the one put forward by the Democrats.

With Joe Biden well ahead in opinion polls, analysts say traders are increasingly betting he will win next month’s election comfortably — avoiding the uncertainty of a Trump challenge to the result — and Democrats will take both houses of Congress.

That expectation continues to support equities, even while the talks remain jammed up with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying there was not enough time to complete the talks before the vote, while Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi said they were at an impasse.


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