PV Sports Desk :  Bangladesh team is now sharing 2nd position with five match points along with India and Indonesia after 3rd round matches of the Asian Nations Cup Online Chess Championship Online Chess Team that has begun today.

Four teams are sharing the leads with maximum six points. The teams are Philippines, Iran, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

In the 1st round, Bangladesh team beat Saudi Arabia by 4-0 games points. GM Niaz Murshed, IM Mohammad Fahad Rahman, GM Ziaur Rahman and GM Reefat Bin Sattar won against CM Al Thebaiti, Ahmed, Alrehaili, Ahmed Abdullah S, Al Turky, Fahad A and Khayat, Emad of Saudi Arabia respectively.

In 2nd round, Bangladesh beat Jordan by 3.5 0.5 game points. IM Fahad, GM Zia and GM Reefat won against IM Ahmad, Al Khatib, IM Loay Sammer and CM Saif, Malek of Jordan respectively. GM Niaz Murshed drew with IM Mansour, Sameer.

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