Six out of eight counters were almost empty. Photo-People's View

PV Desk : After about 5 months, ticket sales started in full swing at the counter, but there was no crowd at the Chattogram railway station. Most of the counters were found to be completely empty.

Tickets for various intercity trains leaving Chattogram started selling at the counter from 8am on Wednesday (September 18). And online starts from 6 am.

Of the 100 per cent tickets, 50 per cent are available over the counter and 50 per cent online. On the first day till 12 noon, less than 20 percent of the tickets were sold through these two channels.

Concerned people say that the information about the sale of tickets at the counter from Wednesday has not reached everyone yet. Especially day laborers and those who do not know how to use smartphones do not know the news of ticket sales at the counter. So the counter is empty on the first day and ticket sales are low.

It was seen at Chattogram railway station at 9 am on Wednesday that there were no passengers in 6 out of 8 counters. The two passengers were all on local train tickets. No passengers came to the counter for advance tickets.

Chattogram Railway Station Manager Ratan Kumar Chowdhury told the media that there were no passengers at the counter from morning till 12 noon. Ticket sales are also low. The issue of ticketing at the counter has not yet reached the general public. However, I hope the number of passengers will gradually increase.

Deputy Director of Railways. A notification signed by Nahid Hasan Khan  Tuesday (September 15) said that the railway passenger train will issue 100 per cent tickets for the total number of seats. In this case, the issuance of all types of seatless tickets for intercity trains will be completely stopped.

About 50 per cent of the total number of seats in intercity trains will be issued through ticket counters and the remaining 50 per cent through mobile apps or online. These decisions are taking effect from Wednesday (September 18).

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