PV Desk : Neighboring India has stopped exporting onions to Bangladesh. On Monday (September 14) it was sold at Tk 38 in the morning but stood at Tk 45 in the afternoon.

On Tuesday (September 15), Indian onions are sold at Tk 50-60 in category.
Retailers and grocers are flocking to the Khatunganj warehouse, fearing that the announcement of a ban on onion exports by India will push up prices. Within a week, many customers who have scheduled weddings, hosts and Urs days are also buying onions from the warehouse.

Mintu Saudagar, proprietor of Messrs. Mohammadia Chamber of Commerce in Khatunganj, told  that 5-6 trucks of onions arrived at different warehouses today. However, it is much less than the demand. If supply does not increase, there is a risk of price increase.

He said Indian onions were sold at Tk 38 on Monday morning. In the afternoon the price went up to 45 taka. It is sold at 50-60 taka from Tuesday morning.
Meanwhile, the price of onion is also increasing in the retail market in line with the wholesale market. Onions are being sold at retail at 60-70 takaper kg.

An importer told  that traders in Chattogram do not usually import onions even though they import ginger and garlic. However, during the crisis, onions were imported from Egypt, China, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries. The onion trade is controlled by Indian land port-based importers and traders. Now understanding the situation, many are preparing to import from alternative countries.

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